Hall of Fame - Batting | West Ivanhoe United Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
176502891551389401915776Michael CorrentiWest Ivanhoe United2021/2022C Synthetic 72 Overs (Wilson Shield)1 1Edinburgh
26310787121551389401873463*Geoff RalphsWest Ivanhoe United2021/2022LOC 8 - 35 overs (Carr Sheild)2 1STC South Camberwell
35914216521551389401897959*Michael A ButeraWest Ivanhoe United2021/2022Menzies & Mackay Shield (80 overs)1 1St. Pauls CC
45522882631551389401874355*Jeremy SmithWest Ivanhoe United2021/2022LOC 8 - 35 overs (Carr Sheild)3 1Ashwood
55218884791551389400705952*Matthew DicksonWest Ivanhoe United Blue2021/2022NMCA - Under 12 - Baillie Shield3 1West Ivanhoe United Red
65010787121551389401873050*Geoff RalphsWest Ivanhoe United2021/2022LOC 8 - 35 overs (Carr Sheild)1 1AYC Harlequins
75016343271551389402003750Lachlan WebberWest Ivanhoe United2021/2022Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz)1 1St Kevins OC
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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